How to save the planet: fly a kite How’s this for innovation – using a kite to move a ship (video). And the kite even looks quite like one you might fly in the park. The difference is that because it flies so high, the winds are much stronger than at sea level, enabling enough force to be produced to pull the ship along.

Other ideas for renewable ship power have included solar panels and wind turbines, and there are quite a few other ideas in development – research is big money at the moment, since shipping produces 1.2 billion tons of CO2 annually, which is surprisingly almost twice the amount produced by aviation.

What do you think – are we ever really going to power ships with kites or solar panels, or do we just have to face up to a reality that we must have oil? I’m more toward renewables, but post your opinions below.


One Response

  1. 1. Yes, kites for sailing will be a big help.
    2. Solar energy also.
    3. Further: use wave power itself agaist the inertia of the ship.

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