Volcano discovered in Antarctica

It’s only days since Mount St. Helen’s started showing signs of activity again, but now scientists have discovered another surprising volcano.

Emperor penguins with their chicks | Image: National GeographicAntarctica: land of ice, snow and penguins. Not steam, lava and boiling rocks, right? Well it may be icy now, but in one area of the continent 2000 years ago a volcano spewed ash and hot gases up through the ice, 12km into the air, creating a massive torrent of water in the process. In fact, it is thought to still be active now, causing some of the Antarctic ice sheet to melt (though only a minimal amount compared to climate change factors).

How did the scientists (from the British Antarctic Survey) discover this volcano? When the eruption took place ash was scattered over a large area, and now that it has been covered with centuries of snow, radar is reflected more by the layer of ash than the ice above and below it.

The volcano erupted under what is now the Hudson Mountain range | Image: BBCSo remember that Antarctica’s not just about snow and penguins, cool as they are. 


2 Responses

  1. Is there really a volcano down there with the penguins are they going to die or survived ahh please say they are going to live cause I really ove penguins they are so jolly and nice also cute ??????? So many questions to ask about this new volcano is this going to erupt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does it need to be with the penguins not somewhere else like the middle of no where like abanded island with just water surronding it ha lolszzzzzzzzzzzz………..? imaooo

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