Weird animals – should we save them?

We humans are great at pouring money into protecting monkeys and cats, because they’re cute and look like us. But what about all those weird animals that you’d scream if you saw – shouldn’t we be protecting them just as much?

The Zoological Society of London has added several ‘weird’ amphibians to its at-risk list, a few of which are pictured below. (Here’s some cute animal photos too for those who prefer monkeys.)

Purple Frog | Image: National Geographic

The purple frog, which spends most of its day 13 feet below the surface

Chinese Giant Salamander | Image: National Geographic

The Chinese giant salamander, which can grow to the length of a human. It has been hunted almost to extinction.

The world's smallest frog | Image: National Geographic

How’s that for a small frog? Believed to be the smallest in the world, the Gardiner’s Seychelles frog measures just 11millimeters (less than 1/2 an inch). It is highly sensitive to environmental changes.

For more on all the species on the list, click here.

What do you think about conservation? Should we protect some species more than others, or is all life equal? What about when it has a negative impact on humans? I’m always in favor of conservation, but post your views below.


22 Responses

  1. that is soo awesome,YES we should save them as well as any others.

  2. Of course we should save them. Just because they dont look or act like us doesnt mean they can be thrown away like trash! If we rid the world of anything that we dont like because of how it looks then should it be alright to just kill of the human race? After all, we are just human, nothing more but maybe less.

  3. yes. and to every body who sayed no what if your kid was diffrent, albino, born without weat glands, ect. should we just wipe them out. bite me

  4. HEY vern here I want to say that even though those animals don’t look that beautiful doesn’t they are any less important that than any other animals on earth!!!!!! SAVE THE ANIMALS SAVE THE PLANET!!!

  5. we sould save everything that is going extinct! hehe

  6. If only I knew ways to help with this amazing and must cause. all creatures can teach us a lot about survival. I’m facinated with all weird animals of this amazing planet.

  7. What’s done is done. If the species was hunted to near-extinction, there’s really nothing that we can do to help it recover. If the species is strong, it will survive, if it is weak, then it will, and should die. And if the species is dying off on it’s own, then that is as it should be.
    Animals are just animals. People have more important things to be doing. Should we save the tiny frog, or cure cancer? Which is more important? Nature can take care of its self. No good can has ever come from interfering, in case you haven’t noticed. How can we hope to improve something that is already perfect?

  8. Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  9. Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  10. I have to respond to the last english post.

    The ”us” and ”them” pattern of thinking is why we have issues like ”extinction”. Humans are not seperate from the living world….we are right in the midst of it.

    Lets keep this simple so you might understand:

    Sure you don’t live in a pond, but a frog does. Ponds store water. You and I both drink water (simple). If that frog in the water suddenly starts dying off and dissapears (extinction) maybe Nature is saying something about the water like ”don’t drink it.” So you keep on drinking that water, ignorantly thinking it’s okay because someone is keeping it clean. Only you find out 10 years down the road, someone supported the site for use as a dumping ground since there was no where else to put it…and you have cancer.

    But some things ”should die” right?

    Perhaps cancer is natures way of getting to a weak species. But people have more important things to be doing, right?

  11. i have a comment for um… boo-bityboo (seriously?!?!).
    if you found out that you could save the planet, but it would cost 1/6 of the human race to subject to a cull, would you support it? i would. even if i had to give my OWN LIFE. we require these things. we need the creatures like the Chinese Giant Salamander. and yet we still go on like “OMG, the PANDA is going EXTINCT! lets save the PANDA!!!” we sholud be going “OMG the Gardiner’s Seychelles Frog is going EXTINCT! Lets save it!” and as the last person said, sure humans have ‘better’ things to do, but if a plague wipes out the humans then that is natures way of saying ‘get the hell off my planet!’

    Play Spore. That is based on Evolution. You play in one stage as a creature, exploring his natural habitat. Nature wants to get rid of the weaker species, so they die out, either by “Acts of Spode” (the Spore God), or because you kill them off. If You played a human, you would die in 2 minutes. we are weak and pathetic, and so STUPID! we are destroying our OWN AND ONLY PLANET!

    But maybe thats a good thing. Earth would be better without the weaker species. But humans, who kill themselves off, and war within themselves, have better things to do, don’t they?

  12. Oh course we should save them!

    We’re the ones to blame for their endangered status, we caused the problem and must fix it. As far as if it has a negative impact on humans, we really have been very selfish, to progress our own species millions of other species have gone extinct, I think we have a problem. How can we just feel like we deserve the world more than the others? All creatures have some purpose on the Earth and it’s not for us to decide if we want them to exist or not because we didn’t decide if the were to be here or not.

    The notion that we should just let them die, that their lives don’t mean as much as ours is specist and saddeningly arrogant (Boobity-doo), as though we were God! Everyone looks ugly to somebody or something sometime. Nothing is perfect and we all (animals, plants, bacteria etc.) developed out of this Earth and when our time comes we all die just the same, so while we might be smarter, you’re not better than that giant salamander or that frog, and at some point even the smartest, strongest human was only as smart as these amphibians at some point in their life.

  13. I think those animal’s are awesome

  14. ALL ANIMALS SHOULD BE SAVED. Its kinda sayin…if you were a person with purple skin- YOU SHOULD DIE. Discrimination people!!!! Have a heart- just because they look a little bizzare. No questions asked… all animals:)

  15. Yes! I think we should definitely be tending to the care of these animals as the ones we protect right now. These amazing and very fascinating creatures are just as special and neede on the earth as every other animal. The tiny frog is super cute!! and the giant salamander mayb be an odd looking creature it’s very fascinating to see animals that are so out of our comfort zone, but just little things like protecting a specie of bird or a rare breed of frog is critical and is important to all of us whether we know it or not

  16. Yes we should save them! I love the purple frog! 😀 All of these creatures are fascinating, and they all deserved to be saved just as much as any monkey.

  17. put some weird animals on here plz

  18. i have seen a little frog before and guess what i just caught one today

  19. that is so unreal you guys are freaks whats going on in your damn heads

  20. every creature deserves to live. yes maybe if i saw these animals i would be crying of fear but it’s nature and animals like this are so rare it makes them beautifully amazing. These are the kind of animals we should be protection the most. B/C their awesome 😀

  21. advantageous here are the findings

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