Asteroid heading toward Earth

Asteroid 253 Mathilde (not the one headed toward Earth) | Image: Wikipedia An asteroid is currently headed toward Earth, getting closest just next week… though fortunately for us the chance of collision is virtually zero. It may be up to 2000ft long, which would be pretty catastrophic for us if it was to hit, but it is expected to pass no nearer than 1.4 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

If an asteroid was to hit our planet, not only would the surrounding area be devastated, but the Sun would be blocked for months by all the dust blown up, and much of life on Earth would perish, similar to what is thought to have happened 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct.

This asteroid should apparently be visible through a medium-sized telescope – click here for the star map.


3 Responses

  1. with these types of situation’s one can never really trust the words of scientists an the government,im sure they have direct orders to keep the public cool so there won’t be panic. we tend to forget that we are apart of space,so this is a very hight possabilty,earth is not invinsable…it happend b4,it WILL happen again…im sorry to sound so negative,however im just being real. The question is will the government be real with us?

  2. sorry to reply so late tyler durdin… but every citizen has the opportunity to learn science and look through a telescope. science is no big secret like in the movies. if you dont know about the asteroid because you watch tmz instead of reading the new york times well thats your fault. if you havent achieved enough in life to have at least one friend with the inside scoop well then, why should we “inform” someone like you. what good do you bring to society? the problem is people are so content to have the govt protect them. they feel entitled because deep down they are “good christians.” You know what, you head in the direction that you are pointed. If you believe in an armageddon, thats what you shall receive.

  3. I this is a great thing happening

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