The asteroid that almost hit Earth

The asteroid 2007 TU24 | Image: NASA / JPL NASA scientists have now managed to get images of 2007 TU24, the asteroid that came pretty close to hitting Earth on January 29 (see my previous post for more explanation and a star map).  It’s not an amazing photo, but it’s still quite fascinating anyway if you think about it..

So what would we do if an asteroid actually was on a collision course with Earth? Would we send some bombs up to blast it into tiny pieces, like they do in Hollywood? Well probably not in reality. The less romantic, but more likely, solution would be to give the asteroid lots of gentle nudges over a long period of time, to divert its path so that it avoided our planet.

However, if it was not discovered until the last moment, bombs would probably remain the only possibility.


4 Responses

  1. hi yeah im 12 years old and im very facinated in earth being on a collision course with a asteroid. i love astronoming and what would they do with a bomb having a big chunk of rock falling or tiny bullets of them coming down? u did a pretty good on this website good job… lol

  2. Where does NASA think the asteroid may have hit the Earth on Feb.10,2009 @1 am.

  3. When will there be anouter near metor collsion?

  4. Dear recipiant,-Is this feasable that when we cross the Gallacic plane of our, the Milky-way planet-oid solar system,,that we +MOON,with out it,we will not exist! Will in-deed will we as humans expierience a larger Meteiod/comet Impacts because of this happening – by watching the drian clear,this might be enevitable.

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