How green is your candidate

With only hours left until Super Tuesday, the race to become the next US President is still incredibly close. Yet one thing that has been suspiciously lacking from this campaign is something that is perhaps one of the most important issues of out time: the environment.

Do you know a single thing about a candidate’s environmental policy? Thought not – take a look below for a quick summary.

The verdict – Hillary Clinton comes a very close second, but Barack Obama seems to have a slightly more comprehensive environmental policy. (I’m still going for Clinton though.)


              Hillary Clinton
 Hillary Clinton | Image: CNN
               Barack ObamaBarack Obama | Image: CNN
  • Create a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012
  • Highlight the problem of deforestation
  • Reduce US carbon emissions to almost as low as 1990 levels
  • No drilling in Arctic National Wildfire Refuge
  • Make the US a world leader in combating climate change
  • Create incentives to stop deforestation worldwide, as well as domestic incentives for farmers and ranchers
  • Incentives to manage land for the environment
  • Export climate-friendly energy production technology to developing countries
Energy Increase energy independence and use of renewables. Boost energy efficiency Introduce a ‘National Low Carbon Fuel Standard’  to speed up the introduction of low-carbon renewable fuels
Carbon trading Markets only-based system Whole economy-based system
Verdict 8/10
Excellent environmental policy
Excellent environmental policy; even slightly better than Hillary Clinton’s


               John McCain
John McCain | Image: CNN
                  Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney | Image: CNN
  • Significantly reduce US emissions.
  • Carbon trading system
  • Boost alternative energy, including nuclear
  • Believes the US should not take action while other countries stay put
  • More concerned about energy independence than carbon emissions
  • Promotes fossil fuels, though wants more clean, efficient use
Verdict 6/10
OK, but Republicans are never great environmentalists
NOT RECOMMENDED – environmental catastrophe awaits!

What do you think? Post your opinions and comments below.


5 Responses

  1. Richard,

    The format of this web content is well organized and easy to read.

    Thanks for holding my attention by making this information available to me as a summary.

  2. Thanks Max.

    I obtained most of my information from the CNN election site , but it was not in an easy to read format. I thought I’d try to make it easier for voters – and I was interested in the topic as well. 🙂

    I try to make all my posts easy to read, because it’s much more enjoyable to read that way.

  3. I’m not so sure i agree with your assessment between Hillary and Barack. As with most issues, Senator Obama is hard to pin down on what EXACTLY he means:

    This link is to a letter sent to Barack from a mom. We hope he responds as it does go straight to the heart of a few issues.

  4. Greengo, although I gave Barack a higher rating, I agree with you that what he would actually do if he won the presidency is doubtful. If Hillary won, I am sure she would put a lot of her promises into action.

    Thinking of the election as a whole, not just environmental issues, I think people need to realize that although Barack talks of hope and of uniting America, which are very bold aims, if he a=won, what would he actually do?

    Hillary has the policies, Barack has the inspiration. Sorry to Barack fans, but you don’t make a country great again simply by talking – you have to do things. And Hillary is the one who knows how to do that.

    Slightly off-topic here, but what I’d really like to see is a Clinton Presidency with Obama as the Vice-President.

  5. how green is the gas tax?
    hillary is a monster for the earth.

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