Blue Ray wins the high definition DVD race

Blu Ray has won the HD DVD race | Image: MSNBC Cassette tapes, videos, CD’s, DVD’s… they’re all a bit past it now. The latest way to store your favorite movies is of course on high definition DVD’s, but until today there was a bit of a problem – two rival high definition DVD formats (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD) were both competing to be DVD 2.0.

Apart from the fact that both players cost hundreds to buy, there was the pretty big problem that they were both incompatible with each other, and at the end of the day only one of them could win the race to be the new DVD format.

That meant that if you bought the player that lost, you would have wasted vast amounts of money – as well as having to throw away all your high definition DVD’s.

Well now it all seems to be getting simpler as Toshiba, the corporation behind HD-DVD, says it’s pulling out. Blu-ray has seen a series of endorsements from major Hollywood studios recently, whereas HD-DVD has been relatively unpopular.

A blu-ray disc | Image: einsiders So Blu-Ray’s the future, right?

Probably not, actually. The issue is that DVD’s – HD or otherwise – are quickly becoming redundant as internet downloads (both legitimate and illegal) become the cheaper, easier way to watch films. In fact, Blu-Ray may never really be the big new format in the DVD world, because DVD’s could go the way of CD’s before Blu-Ray really has a chance to take off.

So all this hype may in fact have been completely pointless. Oh.


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