Shuttle Endeavour touches down safely in darkness

 NASA / National Geographic

It blasted off in darkness two weeks ago and has now touched down again at Cape Canaveral in the middle of the night. But Space Shuttle Endeavour’s mission was certainly nothing to be dark and depressed about – it successfully installed a huge robotic arm form Canada to the ISS, as well as delivering the first part of the huge Japanese space lab Kibo. (Click here for more on what Endeavour has been doing these past two weeks)

The great news is that we only have another couple of months or so until the next Shuttle launch – Discovery is scheduled to launch in late May. Its fuel tank was taken to the Kennedy Space Center Wednesday.

Is it really worth all these missions to build the ISS? The ISS is now 70% complete, and it certainly is not useless. Loads of important scientific research is being carried out as you’re reading this, and it has also been a vital exercise in seeing whether different countries can collaborate to create something so technologically advanced.

Here’s the video of the touchdown:


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