Penguins… What else lives in Antarctica?

Penguins and seal on an island off Antarctica | Image: National Geographic

We all know penguins live in Antarctica, but what else? On land, pretty much nothing except the odd seabird or insect. But in the seas that surround the South Pole, a huge collection of intriguing and strange creatures inhabit the oceans.

Glass tulips | Image: National Geographic

Glass Tulips

Two new studies have revealed even more of these creatures’ strangeness – take a look at these ‘glass tulips’ (right) that are actually living animals.

Giant worms | Image: National Geographic

Giant worms

And then there are giant worms (left), 10 inches long, that look suspiciously like trilobites, ancient creatures which roamed the oceans millions of years ago.

Icy fish

Here’s a weird fish, (below) that lives in the depths of the Antarctic oceans. Little is known about this fish yet, but some fish living in icy waters have a biological antifreeze that circulates around their body to stop them from icing up.

The woman who discovered this fish named it in honor of her fiance… I hope he didn’t take it as an insult.Icy fish | Image: National Geographic